ICT-BIOCHAIN main objective is to identify opportunities for ICT to increase the efficiency of biomass supply chains for the bio-based industry. This way, the project can play a key role in making Europe’s bio based supply chains more efficient and contributing to several key BIC SIRA strategic objectives for 2020 and 2030 including :

  • Delivering a 10% increase in biomass supply in Europe by 2020 (20% by 2030) by increasing productivity and mobilisation in a sustainable manner while making best use of innovations in agriculture and forestry practices
  • Ensuring 20% of the chemicals and materials production in Europe will be bio-based by 2020 (30% to 2030); this is compared to the current situation 10% of chemicals and materials being bio-based
  • To help guarantee a secure and sustainable supply of biomass feedstock for European biorefineries.
  • Boost the mobilisation and utilisation of 15 % of currently unused sources per year by 2020



  1. To establish multi-actor digital innovation hubs for biomass supply chains

  2. To produce a feedstock-specific database of best practice and new opportunities for digitization to improve the efficiency of biomass supply chains within MDRs

  3. To establish a user friendly online platform to allow for wider exploitation of ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 tools for improving supply chain efficiency

  4. To pave the way for the replication of the DiHs in other EU regions

  5. To disseminate and exploit ICT-BIOCHAIN Results


In terms of approach, ICT BIOCHAIN follows a 3-step approach; Identification, Application and Replication.


Scoping of Key Opportunity areas
Supported by Regional Facilitators and Model Demonstrator Partners, the competence centre will assess state-of-the-art and identify new opportunities for ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 to increase the efficiency of biomass supply chain.


Establishing of Test Bed Digital Innovation Hubs and creation of the ICT-BIOCHAIN platform
ICT-BIOCHAIN will develop 2 digital innovation hubs within two MDRs. MDR’s have been chosen based on their specific potential to represent diverse value chains to produce Sustainable Chemicals.

STEP 3 : REPLICATION - Digitizing the EU biobased economy :

To ensure that the work done within ICT-BIOCHAIN is fully exploited several steps are being taken. ICT-BIOCHAIN is developing a series of measures to ensure greater accessibility to project results for the wider public.
A roadmap will be produced to allow replication of Digital Innovation Hubs in broader European Bioeconomy.