Module 1 – Webinar: Opportunities for ICT in the Biomass sector

Overview of the main benefits of applying ICT technologies in the biomass sector.

Module 2 – DIH structure and stakeholders to be involved

Structure of a DIH, its most relevant actors and the dynamics among them.

Module 3 – Key steps to establishing a Digital Innovation Hub

Learn the main steps to design, establish and develop a DIH.

Module 4 – Funding and financing possibilities

Explore different funding and financing opportunities for a DIH.

Module 5 – Recommendations for Digital Innovation Hubs mobilisation

Engagement strategies and key advices on how to arrange different events such as Launch, Knowledge Transfer, Demonstration, Value Chains and Investment Days.

Module 6 – ICT-BIOCHAIN Demo Days

Case study of the two Demo Days celebrated in Ireland and Andalusia, presenting the actions and activities carried out as well as the lessons learned from them.

Module 7 – Video with tips from the Andalusian DIH

Two representatives from the Andalusian DIH share advices on key steps to establishing a DIH, stakeholders, engagement activities and financing.

Module 8 – Video with tips from the Irish DIH

A representative from the Irish DIH shares tips on key steps to enabling a DIH, stakeholders, mobilisation actions and funding opportunities.

Module 9 – Webinar: Train the trainer and ICT-BIOCHAIN platform launch

Watch this video and learn how to use the ICT-BIOCHAIN platform.