ICT-BIOCHAIN at the Bio-based Industries Stakeholders Forum



Mar Cátedra and Natividad Pérez, from Junta de Andalucía, attended the BBJIU Stakeholder Forum in Brussels on December 3rd and 4th where they presented the ICT-BIOCHAIN project during two panels and at stand 24D.

The session featured high-level speakers, who presented their ideas and reflections on the situation of the bio-based industry during speeches, panels and working sessions. There was also an exhibition of different BBIJU projects, where ICT-BIOCHAIN was presented.

The first day, December 3rd, was devoted to raise awareness and talk about how new technologies can boost the bioeconomy. Several projects working in this field presented the lessons learned and the challenges ahead during three parallel sessions dedicated to policy framework, market research and value chain, and innovation ecosystem. Mar Cátedra participated in two panels: “Value chains and innovation ecosystem” and “Biomass availability, quality, supply and sustainability” where she talked about best practices and new interlinkages among biomass and ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 as well as market needs and trends in new value chains.

On the second day, December 4th, Mar Cátedra and Natividad Pérez attended to the Stakeholders Forum, where ICT-BIOCHAIN had a specific corner at stand 24D. The main goal of this day was to exchange ideas and best practices with other BBIJU projects.

3rd. Newsletter of the ICT-BIOCHAIN project

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Pictures of the ICT-BIOCHAIN Demonstration Day in Andalusia

The Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) celebrated a ‘Demo Day’ to demonstrate and identify new ICT solutions to improve the efficiency of the biomass value chain, on November 7.

The event counted with the participation of nearly 20 Andalusian companies from both the ICT and the biomass sectors, which had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices. They visited the facilities of three companies located in the province of Seville: Oleícola El Tejar, EMASESA-E.D.A.R. and the Instituto de la Grasa. There, the participants could appreciate different innovative ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0. solutions for the biobased sector in a real operative environment. In addition, Antonio Moreno, Director of Cítricos del Andévalo (J. García Carrión), presented his company’s strategy for biomass management.

Next November 7th, the Andalusia Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development and the Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) are holding ICT-BIOCHAIN’s Demonstration Day. Companies with novel ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions for the bio-based sector will demonstrate their technologies in a real operating environment. The day will involve the following site-visits in and around Seville:

  • EMASESA. Presentation of the agri-food waste valorisation plant and visit to the facilities.
  • Instituto de la Grasa. Presentation of the olive mill pilot and visit to the facilities.
  • Oleícola El Tejar. Presentation of their biomass management strategies and visit to the facilities.
  • Cítricos del Andévalo. Presentation of their biomass management strategy.


08:45 Registration and departure from meeting point

09:30 Welcome & ICT-BIOCHAIN DIH update

09:40 Demo Day – Aim and objectives

9:50 Coffee and networking

10:10 Visit to EMASESA

11:30 Bus transfer

11:50 Visit to Instituto de la Grasa

13:00 Bus transfer

13:50 Lunch and networking

15:40 Visit to Oleícola El Tejar

16:50 Presentation by Cítricos del Andévalo

17:10 Event closure

18:10 Arrival to meeting point

The event is free upon registration! If you want to attend, please, send us an email to inscripciones@corporaciontecnologica.com

PICTURES of the ICT-BIOCHAIN Demonstration Day in Ireland

Our partners from the Institute of Technology Tralee and the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation held ICT-BIOCHAIN’s Demonstration Day on October 16th, as part of Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2019. The session included visits to Coillte’s Connected Forest, Celignis labs and BHSL Hydro’s facilities, where these companies related to the bio-based sector demonstrated their technologies in a real operating environment.

ICT-BIOCHAIN Demonstration Day


Next October 16th, the Institute of Technology Tralee and the Irish Bioeconomy Foundation are holding ICT-BIOCHAIN’s Demonstration Day, as part of Bioeconomy Ireland Week 2019. Companies with novel ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions for the bio-based sector will demonstrate their technologies in a real operating environment. The day will involve the following three site-visits in and around Co. Limerick:

  • Coillte’s Connected Forest: overview of Coillte’s forest inventory and Earth observation programme to support strategic and tactical planning; and how this information is used to support harvesting and timber supply. A number of these technologies will be discussed and demonstrated on a forest site.
  • Celignis will demonstrate their Near-Infrared Spectroscopy rapid biomass analysis which uses custom models and proprietary software, as well as their provision of Biomethane Potential data for Anaerobic Digestion.
  • BHSL Hydro’s remote monitoring and control systems as well as their patented Fluidised Bed Combustion Technology which converts poultry manure into heat and electricity for use on the farm.

09:30 Registration at Coillte (Castletroy)
09:45 Transport to Coillte forest (Doonane Forest Carpark)
10:15 Coillte site-visit and technology demonstration
11:15 Transport to Celignis Labs (Castletroy)
11:45 Celignis site-visit and technology demonstration
12:45 Lunch and networking
13:30 Transport to BHSL farm (Kantoher)
14:30 BHSL site-visit and technology demonstration
16:00 Transport back to Coillte (Castletroy)
17:00 Event closure

The event is free upon registration on this link: http://bit.ly/2mJ9kgJ

PICTURES of the development of the DiH’s launch events in Ireland and Spain


ICT-BIOCHAIN: Digital Innovations Hubs in Ireland (South-East) and Spain (Andalusia)

ICT BIOCHAIN has recently launched the Digital Innovation Hubs for the bio-based sector, bringing
together established Model Demonstrator Regions (biochemical hubs), including biomass suppliers and
bio-industry with digital technology experts and other multi-actors.

One year after the ICT BIOCHAIN Kick-Off meeting, the project has managed to execute one of its main objectives:
the implementation of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DiHs) in Ireland and Spain. Having the consortium meeting
scheduled for June in Ireland, it seemed fitting to coordinate the launch event of this first DIH of this Model
Demonstrator Region, alongside it. In the same way, one month later, the DiH of Spain (Andalusia), was launched.
Both events were successful with good acceptance and attendance. The presentations and workshops that took
place at both events addressed ICT-BIOCHAIN’s main scope. This was to present the DIH as the main contact point
for the region, as well as an explanation about its objectives, its structure, the main benefits of joining, its actions
and next events, the knowledge transfer strategy as well as the promotion of new business opportunities.

The Hubs involve the so called “Hub’s Competence Centre”, whose members include STR, IML and VTT (global
leaders in areas of ICT and biomass resource modelling), which will provide access to the best knowledge,
information and technology to promote opportunities for ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0. The main objective for this is
to integrate technologies into high potential biomass value chains.

ICT-BIOCHAIN, through its competence centres, will offer the best know-how on assembly and financing of
biomass supply chain-related equipment and solutions. In parallel, ICT-BIOCHAIN “regional facilitators” (ITT in
South-East Ireland and CTA in Andalusia) will support the structuring of local ICT scientists that would take over
the competence centre role at the end of the project. ITT and CTA will also work to ensure smooth communication
at local and regional levels, facilitating effective Knowledge Transference from the competence centre to the two
newly established DIH’s in Andalusia and South-East Ireland, represented in ICT-BIOCHAIN by CAPDER and IBF,

Together with the launch event, a knowledge transfer day was organised to introduce modern technologies with
a high potential to increase efficiency, competitiveness and reduce biomass losses across specific value chains.
Apart from these events, many activities will be carried out in the next months to support the awareness of the
potential of ICT within biomass supply chains, including;

A demonstration day of ICT tools for biomass value chains; an on-site exhibition in which tools for supply chain
enhancement are demonstrated to members of the newly established DIH groups.

An investment day with business opportunities for cross-sectorial value chains involving suppliers, end-users and
ICT specialists along specific value chains supported by regional facilitators and model demonstrator partners.
With support of the competence centres, newly established business opportunities will receive technical and
business support and mentoring to consolidate regional innovations, understand technical implementation,
identify barriers and develop business models following the concept of CANVAS (considering biomass resource
and market, supply chain relations, revenue streams, key activities, key partnerships, cost structure). To allow
these innovations to progress to the next level the regional facilitators along with MDR partners will co-host an
investment day as explained below. Consolidated business models will pitch for funding at the investment day
using regional funds or private investors. (e.g. through CTA, Sustainable Nation, Enterprise Ireland etc.).

If stakeholders would like to keep up to date with these events and more activities organised by the ICT-BIOCHAIN
DiHs, stay tuned to the project website and its social media channels. (https://ictbiochain.eu/ | @ictbiochain on
LinkedIn and Twitter).

2nd. Newsletter of the ICT BIOCHAIN project

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ICT-BIOCHAIN: Digitizing Ireland’s Bioeconomy.

On June 13th 2019 Ireland’s National Bioeconomy Campus will host a showcase event focused on the digitisation of Ireland’s agri-food, forestry and bioeconomy sectors. The event will also see the launch of ICT-BIOCHAIN Europe’s first Digital Innovation Hub for a Circular Bioeconomy. To know all the information about this event click here.

ICT BIOCHAIN General Assembly – Month 6.

ICT BIOCHAIN Consortium celebrated its Month-6 Meeting in VTT Micronova Center in Finland. On this meeting, the partners reviewed and discussed about the development and the deliverables of the project on its first 6 Months, also, they planned the next months of work and the most important tasks and targets to be achieved. The next meeting will be in Ireland in the middle of June.

ICT Biochain Newsletter

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Lecture of the Coordinator/project Officer, Polyvios Hadjiyiangou on ICT-BIOCHAIN KickOff Meeting.

Kickoff Meeting in Brussels, June 2018 :

ICT BIOCHAIN is on the BBI JU H2020 website :

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Andalusian Government and CTA participate in the European project ICT-BIOCHAIN devoted to biomass supply chains digitization:

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