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WP1 assesses the State of the Art in ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 good practices with potential for increasing the efficiency of Regional and EU Biomass Supply Chains and scopes the pan-European Biomass potential building on previous biomass mobilisation projects e.g. FOCUS, S2biome, etc.
The objectives are:


The objectives of this WP are:


The platform has a European approach and it is the technological framework to share the ICT, IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions for biomass supply chain. The idea is to identify software tools that help the user to manage, document, compare and analyse ICT data for specific regions. It is not intended to create a new platform, but connect and adjust the chosen software tools to one software suite that will be the online ICT-BIOCHAIN platform.

The detailed objectives are:


The objectives of this WP are:


The objectives of this WP are:


The objectives of this WP are:


The aim of the WP7 is to ensure a sound coordination and management of the project
covering technical, administrative, ethical and financial issues.

The specific aims are: